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Professional coaching  in Vienna

In our work together, your concerns are always the focus. My approach to effective coaching is goal and solution oriented, giving you the experience of moving forward in every session. This is my passion.

Let’s get to know each other! Our initial meeting is free of charge.

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Willkommen: Willkommen
Persönliches Erfolgs Coaching in Wien

About mine  approach

I love my work, I make no secret of it. But what makes me really happy is when I see that my clients achieve their goals with my help and are coping well with the challenges of everyday private and professional life.
Every coaching session is adapted to your personal needs. 

I offer professional coaching for professional reorientation, for professional or private conflicts, or for dealing with chrisis, stress or burnout...

My offer for you in Vienna

Than you  As a coach for personal development, I enable you to live a better and healthier life with an individual program. Together we will push new boundaries and find new ways to achieve your goals.

Life coaching

Support for topics of everyday life

My goal and solution-oriented approach in coaching helps you to align yourself well with your personal goals and to achieve them step by step. The special focus is on building your own personal resources and strengths.


Your goals can be of various kinds: at work / in your partnership / in friendships / in the family / in your free time / in dealing with authorities ...


It can be about dissolving your fears / to achieve more self-confidence and self-satisfaction / to strengthen the feeling of security / to deal with changes easily / to experience more joy / to live more easily / in short: to love life.

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Family Constellation in an individual setting

For everyone who wants to "develop"

We are all connected to the system of our family of origin. We are not aware of some of these connections that still guide us. The Family Cconstellation in an individual setting makes it possible to experience these (sometimes unconscious) ties and to become aware of which ones promote us, which ones limit or even paralyze us. The aspects that support us are strengthened, those that restrict us, perhaps even paralyze us, are resolved constructively. You develop from this practice in the truest sense of the word. Above all, attitudes and views that are particularly defended or behaviors that are repeated often have systemic aspects.

Business coaching

For executives, department heads, project managers and everyone who works in business.

Business coaching is often about topics such as professional development, the development and expansion of leadership skills, conflicts with employees or superiors, personal skills, or the processing of complex projects.

In years of practice I have worked as an independent entrepreneur as well as  Coach used a wide variety of techniques, of course. On the one hand to make work easier and to improve, as well as in dealing with employees. In coaching, I work with my clients to determine their real needs and develop a tailor-made program that solves the problems in this context. 

Talking Business

Resilience coaching

You can learn to master stress well

Resilience is the ability to cope with difficult life situations and to react to it in a targeted manner with cognitive, emotional and behavioral strategies.  In resilience coaching you help develop  me these strategies that are tailor-made for you for daily use in everyday life. Resilient people can deal with stress in a healthier way and therefore do not run the risk of burnout / depression. You can apply the techniques of resilience coaching practically in daily life.

Frequently asked questions about coaching

What does a coach do?

The coach  accompanies you on personal or professional issues. The coach has a neutral attitude and helps you to define and achieve your personal or professional goals. He is, so to speak, a sparring partner for topics that you cannot or do not want to deal with on your own.
The coach will offer you helpful exercises that will help you to use your own resources optimally and to learn new resources.

How much time is required?

My coaching is geared towards making a change very quickly. For many topics, 3-5 sessions are sufficient. For other topics such as relationship issues or burnout prevention, long-term support can make sense. 
There are also customers whose concerns can be resolved in just one session.
On my part, there is no obligation to continue coaching if you do not wish to do so. 
In other words: we coach as little as possible   but as much as necessary. You decide how much.

What is the difference between coaching and  psychotherapy

The coaching is always focused on the present and the future. So it's about determining your current state and defining a goal that you want to achieve. All exercises focus on building resources. Psychotherapy is often about coping with issues from the past.

How does an initial call work?

The first interview serves to get to know each other. It is important that the chemistry between coach and coachee is right during coaching. In addition, your request will be discussed in detail. The focus is on what you want to achieve or what you want to define as a goal. Once the goal and the current state have been defined, you can start working on the resources you need to achieve the goal.

Senior Man

"With the help of Mr. Judmaier, I was able to improve my communication skills with my employees significantly. As a result, we hardly have any more conflicts in the team."

K. Summer

Male Portrait

"Especially as a self-employed person, it is important to me to have a good sparring partner, which helps me to make good decisions for my startup and to always keep track of things."

H. Kruger

Attractive Young Woman

"I have learned to deal with stress well and to go through my everyday life in a more relaxed manner. This also has a very positive effect on my relationship life. I can only recommend coaching with Mr. Judmaier."

M. Weber

Contact in Vienna

Lerchenfelder Gürtel 25/73, 1160 Vienna


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