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Family constellation in an individual setting

Here you can really "develop"!

About the family constellation in an individual setting

Man does not come into the world as a blank slate, as originally assumed. Right from the start, he got a lot from his original family. Influences from the family past or family history but also from our own childhood can leave a lasting impression on us.  These have an impact on the life and development of the individual. It is not possible to say in advance which influences will work in which way. The influences are mostly shown in behavior or attitudes that have a long-term hindrance in our lives. They are often things that we particularly defend or that we are particularly attached to without really knowing why. 

The family constellation in an individual setting enables these influences to be made visible and tangible and gives the opportunity  to "develop" from these.

Constellation work with building blocks

In contrast to the conventional family constellation, which takes place in groups, wooden blocks or figures are used in individual settings. This enables the family constellation to be carried out independently of the group in an individual setting. The method is the same  as effective as working in a group.  

The client sets up the family or those important elements that arise from the question (the matter). This externalizes the inner image. Subsequently, you can put yourself in the shoes of all the individual figures and elements. This gives new perspective and shows the bonds to the elements. 

Possible private topics

A small selection of possible concerns

  • I feel powerless and I don't know why. The family doctor couldn't find any medical reasons, but I feel as if I have no energy at all on some days.

  • I would like to reorient myself professionally and there is the option of self-employment or a position offered in the company. I can not decide!  

  • Due to the long exposure of the last few months, I feel on the verge of burnout. I want to identify what burdens me how much and which aspects play the most important role

  • I have a conflict of conscience between a new job offer and my family. I don't know if it's good to take on the new job or if my family will come up short. 

Contact in Vienna

Lerchenfelder Gürtel 25/73, 1160 Vienna


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