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Learn to learn properly - seminar

Learn the most important skills and abilities to learn successfully. The easier it is to learn, the more fun it is. The more correctly you learn, the easier it is. You will learn how to do this in this seminar.

In 5 steps to a successful learning behavior.

You can immediately implement all of the learning content in your learning practice.

Motivation to learn

Without the right motivation, there is not much going on in learning. Increased motivation to learn, on the other hand, helps you get over lean periods and learn more often, more regularly and more happily


The most important skill in learning is being able to concentrate. In the state of concentration one is most receptive and the memory is increased.

Memory strategy

Each person is unique in the way he or she stores and retrieves information. Knowing and optimizing your own memory strategy, or being able to use it consciously, is essential for good learning success.

Learning routines

Learning is based on the principle of repetition. Reading routines are therefore of enormous importance for the learner so that the knowledge is also consolidated and remains permanent. Being able to develop learning routines yourself is a necessary step for lifelong learning

Dealing with exam situations

Whether a test or the application in daily life, exam situations can be different for everyone and represent a challenge for many. The correct handling of exam situations has to be learned.

Easy learning seminar
Easy learning seminar
The date will be announced
Semar room in the green,
Firmiangasse 7, 1130
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Offer for the advanced level

I offer learning coaching for high school classes. The program can be carried out in the class in the afternoon outside of school hours. It is suitable for groups of 6-12 students and is carried out in 5 units of 2 hours each. The class itself or the parents' association is usually responsible for the organization.

Price on request

Contact in Vienna

Lerchenfelder Gürtel 25/73, 1160 Vienna


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