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Than you  As a coach for personal development, I enable you to live a better and healthier life with an individual program. Together we will push new boundaries and find new ways to achieve your goals. You and your concerns are always the focus of coaching. Whether it concerns professional or private topics is secondary, because you are the main thing.  
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Resilience coaching

I have been self-employed as an entrepreneur for years and have been able to learn in practice what resilience means. Resilience is the "elasticity of the soul", the ability to deal with heavy blows and constant stress in such a way that we are not harmed. Topics such as solution orientation, self-efficacy and acceptance play an important role. In resilience coaching you will develop individual strategies with me like you can with stress well and healthier  to be able to deal with  and therefore do not run the risk of burnout. You can apply the techniques of resilience coaching in everyday life.


Family constellation in an individual setting

Man does not come into the world as a blank slate, as originally assumed. Right from the start, he noticed a lot of his original family. In the family constellation in an individual setting, these "entanglements" can be recognized and dealt with. And that without a group.  The family constellation is an important tool for personal development, especially for topics that recur in life.

Family Dispute

Life coaching

With the life coaching companion, the coach supports the client in a wide variety of life situations and supports him in achieving personal goals. subjects  can be: personal conflicts, blockages in certain life situations, disorientation, work-life balance, personal well-being and much more.

Life Coaching Wien

Business coaching

In business coaching, we address company-related issues in a goal-oriented and solution-oriented manner.  These topics can be: Optimizing processes, making informed decisions  meeting,  Dealing with stress correctly, improving communication, resolving conflicts with employees or colleagues. Improve leadership skills.

Group Discussion

What is important in every coaching

A goal must always be properly defined.  

When setting goals, you have to make sure that they are specifically defined. The best way to do this is according to the SMART principle: 

S for specific
M as in measurable
A for attractive
R for realistic
T as terminated

But the most important thing is that the goal is under your own control or under one influence. 

Clearly defined concerns are the basis of the coaching

The entire coaching takes place with a focus on the issue. The coach always has the concerns of the coachee or client in mind when it comes to the questions he asks, but also with the exercises and interventions. The goal of coaching must always be to solve the client's concern or to answer it satisfactorily.  Therefore, the clearly defined concern is also an important measurement criterion for the entire coaching process

Resources, resources, resources

We are all full of resources that we have available in certain known situations. Then we find ourselves in another situation in which we seem to lack the resources. In coaching we learn to make our resources consciously available and usable at any time. This strengthens us and enables us to use what we have learned in all situations.

It is as it is, but doesn't have to stay that way

Getting a clear picture of the situation you are currently in with regard to your concerns is the basis of every change process. This is the only way to precisely grasp the differences between the current situation and the desired goal and to define steps towards change. When analyzing the current situation, it is also possible to clarify which aspects of the status quo can be changed at all and which aspects are to be regarded as given.

Contact in Vienna

Lerchenfelder Gürtel 25/73, 1160 Vienna


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