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My seminar offer for your  personal development

My seminars reflect my personal life experience and my skills. The seminars are designed in such a way that you can integrate the experiences and lessons well into your daily life even after the seminar.

Seminar: Resilience - dealing with stress well

Goal orientation, patience and self-regulation are just some of the skills that significantly increase your own resilience. All of these are skills that you can learn or rediscover within yourself. In this seminar you will learn how it equips you with practical tools to make your daily life healthy and resilient.

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Seminar: Easy to learn - learn how to learn properly

For learning success, certain factors such as the ability to motivate yourself but also the knowledge of your own memory are of enormous benefit. Here you will learn to improve your own learning skills and to make your life easier while studying.

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Contact in Vienna

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Lerchenfelder Gürtel 25/73, 1160 Vienna




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